Easy dessert to add to any dinner

Petit Fours for easy dessert

Sometimes we attempt to bake a dessert and it just doesn’t turn out right. Or, we’ve spent so much time focusing on preparing an appetizer and dinner that we are short on time, and preparing the house for entertaining is more important than whipping up a complicated sweet finale to the meal. If the dinner party is casual, or includes your closest circle of friends or family, there is nothing wrong with picking up a quick dessert as long as it is high quality. Your guests love you and are excited to spend time with you. They are honored to be invited over by you and want you to succeed. They don’t want to see you stressed and rushing at the last minute when they walk in, or they may feel that they are being a burden to you. Give yourself a break in these circumstances and pick up a beautiful assortment of desserts at a nearby bakery. Tip: Your significant other could run this errand for you if there is still more to do before company arrives. Here’s one way we like to lessen that stress when the countdown to guests is getting too close to begin baking: