Dinner Party Music: Victor


Here’s a new song you might want to add to your dinner party music playlist. “Victor” by Prinze George.┬áThis song is hauntingly beautiful and would be great to include near the end of your playlist so it plays towards the end of the night.

Music is so personal. Not only does it need to feel like your style, but then it also needs to fit the mood and guests of the night. We might play different music when we’re having family members over than we do when close friends come over, and again when we are having over people who we do not know as well. That’s why when I share music, I am usually going to share one song at a time, and you get to make the call on if you want to jot it down on your own list of dinner party music. You have so much power over the ambiance of your entertaining based on the music you choose, so you might even want to make separate playlists for different ambiances.

P.S. If you need help setting up a fast and easy playlist right now and don’t have time to build one song by song, here are 10 dinner party playlist ideas to get you started.