Leftovers into Lunch (or dinner)

White Barbecue Chicken Leftovers into Lunch - Dinner Party Atelier

This salad made from leftovers has given me a major reason to cook more than I need of two tried and true recipes from now on. Some of my favorite meals come from a day when we unexpectedly need to throw something together last minute, and we’re pushed to think carefully through what we have on hand and how to create something delicious from it. This recently happened to me after church on Mother’s Day, when we decided to avoid the crowded restaurants and not eat out for lunch as we were leaving the service. My mind raced through what I could make and whether I could run to grocery and think up something while there, but then I decided to work with what we had.

Dinner from the previous night (picture below):

  • White Barbecue Chicken (3.5 chicken breasts leftover, plus 2 cups of sauce)
  • Strawberry Feta Salad (almost 2 cups of vinaigrette leftover, plus extra feta and extra bag and a half of lettuce)
  • Corn on the cob (one ear of corn leftover)
  • Baguette with butter (1/2 baguette leftover)

Ideas for creating leftovers from dinner - Dinner Party Atelier

Additional Items Found On Hand:

  • Grape tomatoes
  • 1 avocado
  • Frozen shrimp

So here’s what we did…

White Barbecue Chicken Leftovers into Lunch - Dinner Party Atelier

Build Your Own BBQ Salad Bar:

  • White Barbecue Chicken, sliced
  • Alternative protein option: Sauteed Cajun Shrimp (since we didn’t quite have enough chicken for 5 people)
  • Feta
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Corn kernels
  • Avocado
  • Butter Lettuce and Spinach
  • Dual Sauce Option: Drizzle of white barbecue sauce over the chicken or shrimp in the middle, and drizzle of vinaigrette around the outside over the lettuces

White Barbecue Chicken Leftovers into Lunch - Dinner Party Atelier

Wine Pairing:¬†Domaine Loubejac Willamette Ros√© 2014. A favorite wine of the weekend, best enjoyed outside in sunny weather (from what I’ve heard, since I’m not partaking at the moment).

We displayed each topping in little footed bowls, placed a serving spoon in each, and let everyone help themselves. Both the creamy barbecue sauce and the vinaigrette gave the salad so much flavor, and I loved how the smaller pieces like the corn and feta held on to the sauces. This salad was so good that I would make these recipes just to have the salad next time. It is always helpful to have an idea ready for repurposing leftovers, and I’m so glad we have one now for two of our most frequently prepared dishes!