Weekend Inspiration + An Announcement

Buttermilk Roasted Chicken Dinner

Some notes and observations on dinners at home and across the web (with a special announcement at the end!):

  • When we had my mother over recently for a mid-week dinner, we tried a new recipe for buttermilk roast chicken by Smitten Kitchen. I love a recipe that has a make-ahead element. For this one, I made the marinade the night before, so when it was time to cook, I simply lined a pan with aluminum foil and placed the chicken right into it. Added a dash of paprika and into the oven it went! It is perfect for a busy weeknight. This recipe was delicious, however my family is not big into this part of the chicken, so if we make it again, I’ll try using the marinade on chicken breasts instead.

Buttermilk Roast Chicken

  • I love this minimalist, neutral tablescape by Harper & Harley that uses eucalyptus branches simply gathered and laid down the center of the table. So easy to arrange, yet makes a bold statement.
  • In the mood for a fresh, extra healthy dinner this weekend? Martha Stewart has my favorite recipe for raw zucchini pasta with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes. The flavor in this dish is incredible! I will occasionally tweak the recipe by adding feta to it, especially if I’m serving it to people who are not used to eating zucchini in “noodle” form. If you are interested in getting a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles faster, I have had this one for years now and love it.

Dinner Party and a special announcement

  • On a personal note, I had to add one more shot from our buttermilk roast chicken dinner because it reveals what we have been enjoying as our Easter and Spring centerpiece: a mother bunny with her baby bunny… because we’re having a baby! We are excited for this new addition to our family and I’m already getting way ahead of myself by thinking about dinners for children!

Until next week, enjoy the weekend and bon appetit!


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